Galleria – Ilano

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  • Apparently my middle name is NOT skateboarding Shit happens almosthellip
  • Hah got to make one of my favourite characters today!hellip
  • A little beaten up Hartza the dog Kiitos! goldeneyetattoo goldeneyetattoohellip
  • Summer of 86 leg project continues med kostianinkoira goldeneyetattoo goldeneyetattoohellip
  • Crazy shark on the forkku wraps around a lot Kiittihellip
  • Testing handpoke thanks jonipiercing for the tips! goldeneyetattoo goldeneyetattoo tatuointiturkuhellip
  • Last week our favourite MMAfighter humanterrier got an angry tiger!!hellip
  • Some recent traditional stuff thanks 4 looking  goldeneyetattoo goldeneyetattoohellip
  • Rosmariini kiitokset mariksandra goldeneyetattoo goldeneyetattoo tattoo tatuointiturku tatuointi inked tetovanihellip
  • Fresh legworks from today thank juu asiakkaille!  goldeneyetattoo goldeneyetattoohellip
  • Joskus tytyy seist kivell standingonarock balance
  • Angry Bird on the shoulder Thanks juu! goldeneyetattoo goldeneyetattoo tattoohellip